The Art of Architectural Photography

Architectural, Interior Design and Aerial Photography by Jeffrey Sauers

Architectural, Interior Design, and Aerial Photography Architectural Photo Artistry in Washington DC, Virginia to Florida and PA to New England

Fertility Fotography: The Birth of Health Care Architecture

DPR Construction
RSG Architects
Bialek Environments
IntegraMed/Shady Grove Fertility

I’ve always said that health care space in this day and age is so much more pleasant than it was back when I was a kid. In those days, there was not much difference between a hospital and a prison! Hospitals and medical suites have slowly evolved over the years to be less intimidating and to ultimately make patients feel relaxed and at ease.

This project was photographed for a group of four clients that combined their talents to create an enormously inviting environment loaded with creature comforts! Full of tranquil and soothing color, and soft lines, its the perfect atmosphere for a fertility center.

Also, feel free to view our “Showcase” page, to see details on many completed projects.

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The Art of Architectural Photography

Award winning architectural, interior design, and aerial photographer Jeffrey Sauers showcases photography assignments and reveals the experiences that accompany him while creating his artistic images and cinemagraphs. Through vibrant "texture" lighting and dynamic compositions, he elevates the mundane to the extraordinary, and brings to life the buildings and landscapes he turns his camera toward.

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