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One of the difficult aspects of being asked to photograph a new multi-unit residential apartment building is the fact that photography is normally needed for marketing and leasing prior to the building being fully completed. West Broad Residences in Falls Church Virginia was no exception. A truly unique residential building with retail space, this project is chock full of amenities with an amazing lighting design that begs to be photographed at twilight!

The plan to photograph this one was similar to buildings that I have photo’d previously. The first phase of photography was just interior spaces including model units and amenities. As the project progressed, we returned to photograph the exteriors both in daylight and at twilight.

With every project, there are a couple of views that jump out in my mind’s eye as signature shots. One of those shots of this project was the front facade at twilight with the plethora of colors in all of their glory with the Harris Teeter store alive with activity. As luck would have it, when we returned for the exterior views, the Harris Teeter was still under construction, complete with only construction lighting and dirty windows! So any photography of the front of the community was a wasted effort. A few months later, patience paid off, and we were able to get the views that we were looking for.

The project also yielded some really nice Cinemagraphs, which were requested by the client for use on the property website.

Above, A quite evening reading by the fire

Above, Ample places to enjoy a cozy fire

Above, Every evening is a palette of beautiful colors

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The Art of Architectural Photography

Award winning architectural, interior design, and aerial photographer Jeffrey Sauers showcases photography assignments and reveals the experiences that accompany him while creating his artistic images and cinemagraphs. Through vibrant "texture" lighting and dynamic compositions, he elevates the mundane to the extraordinary, and brings to life the buildings and landscapes he turns his camera toward.

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