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I’m an architectural photographer. That is my specialty and I’ve been doing it for over 20 years. You will never hear me claim to be a good portrait, wedding or fashion photographer. You cannot count on me to be able to make a bride look stunning on film. But you can count on me to make a building look spectacular! It’s taken a long time to acquire the skills to know when and how to light architecture or interior spaces to enhance the drama and beauty designed into the space.

The truth is, a beautiful architectural image is usually the result of skilled talent, years of experience, impeccable timing, and good old fashion hard work.

The before and after image of The Apollo Apartments is an example of this. The before shot is an example of what you would have ended up with if you just took a shot when the sky was right. Dark, unappealing and boring! This property is similar to many others in that the problems of “reality” have to be solved to create that beautiful shot. For instance: How do you deal with the issue of dark windows from a new building that is not yet leased? What do you do about the construction mess and traffic cones that are in front of the building? How do you get a lot of active, attractive people moving around the building? What about unsightly cars and traffic parked in front of the building? What about telephone wires, and banners and ugly street signs, and unsightly asphalt, etc. etc. etc!

These are all problems that me and my very talented Production Assistant Suzette Sauers, had to solve to create this stunning image!

Below are some additional images created of this unique property.

Also, feel free to view our “Showcase” page, to see details on many completed projects.

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The Art of Architectural Photography

Award winning architectural, interior design, and aerial photographer Jeffrey Sauers showcases photography assignments and reveals the experiences that accompany him while creating his artistic images and cinemagraphs. Through vibrant "texture" lighting and dynamic compositions, he elevates the mundane to the extraordinary, and brings to life the buildings and landscapes he turns his camera toward.

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